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Buzz Through Your To-Do List with Our Concierge Services

We are here to assist The Busy Bee, The Lazy Bee, The Honey Bee, and The Golden Bee.

The Busy Bee

When you don't have time to run that errand, need some help around the office, or an extra set of hands for an event or project.

The Honey Bee

When you want to surprise your loved ones, friends or staff with something sweet and unique.

The Lazy Bee

When you just don't feel like getting out and about.

The Golden Bee

When you are enjoying your golden years and don't have time to sweat the small stuff.  Or you're a homebound/limited mobility individual still holding on to your freedom and just need a little help to keep living independently.

How We Can Help

We provide the following errand running, day of assistance, and concierge services for your personal or business needs: ​


Pick up / Drop off Services (groceries, prescriptions, dry cleaning, mail/packages, etc.)


Shopping Services (purchasing, delivering, and exchanges/returns)


Courier Services (fast and secure delivery of documents, packages, gifts, etc.)



Day of Assisting Services (events, projects, office, kitchen, bar, etc.) 


Mobile Notary Services (Mississippi only)


Need something else? Ask and we'll share if we are able to assist.

Our Services



What Does It Cost

Our rates vary. We charge for travel time and unusual working conditions. 



We have a four-hour minimum requirement for Day of Assistance services. 

There's a one-hour minimum requirement for all other services. 


Custom Quotes

If you would like a quote, or you don't see what you're looking for, contact us and we will BEE happy to

discuss your needs.  

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