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BEE-fore It All BEE-gan (Fox13 News Coverage)

April 21, 2020 at 5:15 pm CDT

By Tom Dees,

MISSISSIPPI — A local woman started a program that adopts seniors during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Robyn Noble Powell told FOX13’s Tom Dees that she started it because she wanted the seniors to know that the community cares.

“The idea was just to give back to the seniors because so many seniors have just had their senior year taken from them, so we want to show them some love and support and encouragement,” Powell said.

Powell told us that her daughter, Dera Noble, is a senior at Horn Lake High School.

She was adopted by a family friend to show some love and said it's made all the difference.

“At least I know that people care,” Noble said. “They're very supportive. They want us to not feel as bad as they do.”

The Facebook page has 3,600 people who want to adopt a senior.

Among those adopted is Meg Farrell's daughter, a Southaven senior who plays softball.

She sees this as a bright spot.

“It's been devastating to lose her senior season,” Farrell said. “It's her last season, as well as prom and graduation is still up in the air.”

Kimberly Gaulmon of Southaven told us her daughter was adopted through the page as well.

“What we try to do is create a group to show them just a way to show some love and that the community is here for them and we are wanting to be strong for them,” Gaulmon said.

You can join the efforts on their Facebook page.

Read the original article here.

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